Cowboy Action Links:

Single Action Shooting Society
An international organization created to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting™. SASS endorses regional and state matches conducted by affiliated clubs, stages END of TRAIL The World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting, promulgates rules and procedures to ensure safety and consistency in Cowboy Action Shooting matches, and seeks to protect its members' 2nd Amendment rights.  This site can provide you with a wealth of information regarding CAS events, vendors, and clubs.

Darby Rough Regulators
Formerly the Travis County Regulators, we are a group of Old West enthusiasts reliving the history of the American West through Cowboy Action Shooting. Our group offers friendly competition and shooting practice. Club shoots are held on the second Saturday of each month at our private shooting range in West Point, between Smithville and La Grange, Texas.   Artie and his son Matt are founding members of this club.

Texas Historical Shootist Society
Hosts of  Trailhead in March on the Brune Ranch outside of Columbus, Texas.  They have built the cowboy town/range Gunsmoke.   We shoot with this club when we can.

Plum Creek Carridge and Shooting Society
Located at Agarita Ranch in Lockhart, Texas, site of Ride with Pancho Villa and Battle of Plum Creek.  We shoot here too.

Captain Baylor's Ranger Camp
Great resource for reloading, shooting black powder, shooting Wild Bunch style, full time RV'ing and even driving.  Curt Rich, aka Captain George Baylor is also a novelist and has published several books.

Abilene's CAS Pages
Abilene provides lots of great information on black powder shooting.

Other Vendors:

Jim Downing, The Gun Engraver
Jim lives in Springfield, Missouri, but we meet him at various events around the country.  You can mail him guns to engrave.

Coon Creek Old West

Buck and Leta Butler from Tucson, Arizona  sell clothes and hard to get items.  Leta is known for making magnificent military uniforms of the period.
Leta made Artie's Guerrilla shirt, white linen Gambler's suit, and light weight Confederate Major's uniform.

Cimmarron Firearms
One of the first companies to serve the CAS community, they were entered into the SASS Hall of Fame in 2009.  Most of our cowboy guns come from
this Fredricksburg, Texas company.

River Crossing
For the best in leather clothing, period corsetry, and Victorian-era history and instruction, contact Michael and Sharon Guli. Along with creating period clothing,
they teach the history of clothing, entertainment and customs for the Victorian and Edwardian ages. When you want to put on a proper Victorian Ball,
these are the folks to contact.

Laced produces some of the most striking underbust corsets you'll ever see.  Looking through our Gallery and Recent Events images,
you'll see how popular they are for lady shooters.  Sadie owns several of her underbust corsets.

Cowboy Shooting Supply
Kiamichi Queen and The Brisco Kid operate this store out of Fort Towson, Oklahoma, dealing in shooting and reloading supplies, and custom gunsmithing.

Mernickle Holsters
Bob and Sherrie Mernikcle provide SASS shooters with high quality leather gear.  Bob's Wild Bunch rig is the preferred 1911 rig today.
They also sell rigs and purses for modern and concealed carry uses.  See Bob's custom Harley in the Stereogram Gallery.

Shopping for Sadie

People are always asking Artie & Sadie where she gets her clothing.  As well as the vendors listed above, check these out.
The links provided were not solicited by the owners, but rather are companies we have dealt with, received good service from and
recommend for their unique items.

Sadie owns four Axford's corsets which you will recognize when comparing our galleries.  They have been in business since 1880.

Classic Pumps
Beautiful, sexy, feminine high-heeled leather pumps in classic styles, designed exclusively for Classic Pumps
by world renowned shoe designers Pepe Jimenez of Amour and Spanish Leather.

Pinup Girl Clothing
A great selection of cute, retro dresses, clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Baby Girl Boutique
Retro and Rockabilly clothing and more.

More 50's wear.

Secrets in Lace
This site is worth seeing just for the fabulous pinup photography of  REAL women, not anorexic little girls.
The foundations and clothing offered are top quality.

Other Links

Texas Professional Photography Association
State Association of Photographic Professionals.  They host the best Photography School in the country every spring.

The National Stereoscopic Association (NSA):

Artist Johnny "Mahto" Hogue
 Award winning Fine Artist Johnny Mahto Hogue was born and raised in Texas but has always admired the colors and ambiance of the Southwest,
especially Native Americans and their home style and customs.

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