2017 MP Card 2

Major Photography is a family owned business based in Austin, Texas.

Art Zaldivar is a retired US Air Force Major (hence the company name)
and embarked on his second professional career as a photographer in 1993.

Art is supported in the business by his Trophy Wife Sima as Administrative manager. 
They married in 1971 and have three children and two grandchildren.

He holds an associate degree in Professional Photography and is an active member of several
professional photography associations.

Art is experienced in various photographic fields, including Photographic Art, Special Events, Digital
Imaging and Restorations.

In business since 1993, in 1998 the business increased emphasis in the special events area by making a
substantial investment  in a state of the art instant imaging system.  They frequently upgrade equipment
and products to provide the best service.

 Art and Sima's interest in  Old West reenactment and the film industry have led to Major Photography's
 reputation as a leader in costume
or Period Portraiture.  They are heavily involved with Cowboy Action
  and are known in those circles as Artie Fly and Sexie Sadie.  Artie's alias is a homage to
Camillus S. Fly, the photographer in Tombstone,
Arizona in the 1880's.  Sexie Sadie's persona is that
of a Victorian-era entertainer
and she is known for her flamboyant costumes.